75+ Room Motel

Fully renovated, this motel is outward facing, independently owned and located just minutes from a primary airport and downtown shopping.

Doing over $1.2mm in annual revenue and approximately 50% of that number in SDE, the business is primed for growth with the right ownership.

Oil & Gas Field Investment

Investment group is reviving a previously high performing oilfield.

Two capped wells will be re-tapped, and investor dollars allow you to have ownership in those wells as well as anything else that is drilled on the property.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery

30% ownership is being offered into a 6+ year thriving plastic surgery business. Located just off Rodeo Drive, in the most exclusive area of Beverly Hills, the current ownership is changing, and the new owner is looking to add 1 partner as a LP to share in the investment and the profits. Preliminary numbers show the investment at less than 1/3 the projected value!

Networking Franchise

Get tied into one of the strongest referral networks in Central Texas by OWNING IT.

Have ownership while being able to partner with existing groups. Take advantage of pre-built infrastructure, name recognition, and align yourself with some of the top business people in and around Austin, TX.

Land Purchases

Land deals are everywhere, but how do you evaluate the best parcels? Buy and hold? Develop? What's your use? We deal in many pocket listings, which are tracts that are not on the public market. Let us know what you're looking for, and if it's not out there for sale, we'll work to find the right people that may decide to sell.

Residential Homes

Whether you're moving in or out of Austin, we can find your next home. We specialize in lease, purchases and sales, and know the market better than anyone. Our team works to understand your needs, and to find the properties that will suit those.

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