• Before listing, know your market value.
  • Increase your value to the market
  • How best to communicate your sale
  • M&A experts finding the best buyer
  • Negotiating the sale of your business
  • Close the transaction

Helping Business Owners Value and Sell Their Businesses

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Bringing Accountability Back to Commercial Transactions

Our mission is to provide our clients with the best fit for their businesses, whether buying or selling.

Selling Your Business

Whether you’ve owned your business for a short time, or decades, finding the right buyer is as important as getting the right price.  We focus our efforts on making sure that your legacy is intact.  Most owners have developed long lasting relationships with their employees, their clients, their vendors, and the list goes on.  A new owner will be the steward of your business, and it’s important to ensure that they’ll take care of your business in the way that you’d expect.  In this respect, GBG acts as a matchmaker to find the leadership necessary to continue where you’ve left off, and to continue the growth of your organization to strengthen the roots that you’ve put into place.

Purchasing a Business

The business market is on the cusp of opening new opportunities like we’ve ever seen.  With the baby boom generation preparing to retire, business owners that have build cash flow businesses are looking to retire, and looking to find the right ownership to pick up where they’re leaving off.  In most cases, these businesses have amazing cash flow, and incredible upside for the new owner that is ready to take their company from good to GREAT. Our team works to find the red flags that might otherwise go unnoticed, and to help set you up with the financing partners that will take your purchase across the finish line. We assist in SBA, seller financing, and combinations of funding to help you transition into your new business.

Business and Commercial Needs

If you’re actively involved in growing your business, there are needs that go unmet, and GBG is here to fill in those gaps.  Do you know the current value of your business? Our team does independent business valuations that allow you work towards increasing your sale value, whether you’re  looking to transition in the next year, or the next decade. Maybe you need to lease more space for your business, or would like to invest in a purchase to take advantage of the ever increasing value of the commercial market.  With over 3 decades of experience, we can negotiate to get you the best lease or purchase rates in the market, and introduce you the right lending or investment options that will help get you there.

Your Personal Team in Commercial Services
What they say about us

This company has produced every promise made to me. They are serious about being available to support field reps at all hours. Commissions are paid crazy fast. Bonuses are exactly as represented. The career ladder is easy to climb for anyone regardless of experience or education. The program is well established and easy to follow. I love representing such a fantastic product that offers great protection with a built in ability to help families save money. I only regret I did not find this company 25 years ago. Anyone that chooses this career will have to put in effort to build your own business but the rewards are very evident by the many successful agents I have met and trained with. I can’t say enough good things about this team.


I’m so blessed to work along side gridiron financial. Not only is it a great opportunity to really expand and build a career, gridiron helps families in some of the biggest financial crisis’ they can face in their lifetime. Gridiron financial is a family based company with an owner that genuinely dedicates his time and energy to not only help all of his agents succeed but protect and give the upmost customer service to his clients. This company has such a great environment and I truly recommend it to anyone looking to excel in a career path that is financially rewarding, and emotionally gratifying.

Sydney Olsen

Excellent product, Excellent Service! Had an incident with a tractor. The tractor clearly won the altercation. Was in the hospital a while, but Family Heritage was there for me and help through the ordeal. After, I was better I melted the tractor with a blow torch. Round two went to me.

Craig Tobias


Greg Ganske

Greg has operated numerous companies and participated in multiple partnerships. His experience includes developing, acquiring and disposing of income producing residential and commercial investment property. When it comes to working with business owners on either lease or purchase/sale, Greg’s focus has always been to maximize the business’s bottom line with that particular transaction.

In 2022 Greg became a certified ESG Auditor and is a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) candidate. Greg has served Clients, and Partners on acquisition or sale of retail, office, and industrial buildings. On the development side, Greg’s work has resulted in multiple site acquisitions to build 120 key hotels for a major Hotel REIT. Also a 66-story downtown Austin high rise tower which will be a combination of multi-family and office. Greg is a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) candidate. He has completed advanced coursework in financial and market analysis, and demonstrated extensive experience in the commercial real estate industry. Greg is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, and also Duquesne University with a Masters in Business Administration. More importantly than any of the above, he is here to serve the client as that is what he excels in!

Greg also co-founded The Buzz referral network, growing it to the largest referral network in Texas within a three year period.

Dan Janjigian

Dan is a M&A Advisor and business broker for GBG. He founded Gridiron Financial, LLC in 2013, and since it’s inception, the company is responsible for over $150mm in lifetime financial sales. As part of Globe Life Family Heritage Division, Gridiron earned the award for number one Team Brokerage globally, and in that same year, Dan broke the company record in personal sales for most premium ever sold in one week.

Dan previously owned and operated Roux Restaurant and The Parish Room in downtown Austin, Texas, as well as having ownership in the famous, Geisha House in Hollywood, CA.
Dan is probably best known for competing 9 years internationally in bobsledding, taking a Silver Medal in the 2005 America’s Cup, and as an athlete in the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games. He’s also been involved in several films including Seabiscuit, and The Longest Yard.

One of his most popular films, the cult classic, The Room, recently became a top selling book, The Disaster Artist, and in the movie with the same name, Dan was portrayed by Zac Efron, and the movie was Directed and produced by James Franco and Seth Rogan.

Claudia Ochoa

Ranked a top Realtor, Claudia’s positive track record stems from her elite negotiation skills, proven pricing and marketing techniques, and service-based mentality to her clients and the Realtors she mentors.

With over 9 years experience in real estate, Claudia specializes in Residential listings, helping buyers navigate the new construction process with builders, and commercial leasing and purchases.

A hands-on Realtor known for her devotion to clients and commitment towards reaching her client’s goals, Claudia’s success is based on her data driven analysis, powerful negotiation style, and client-agent relationship.

Claudia is connected to the Greater Austin Area, watching the city grow and change over the last 24+ years. Growing up in the city and navigating motherhood as a business owner, she relates the home as a sanctuary to create memories and find peace. She aspires for her clients to feel this same connection with their homes.

In addition to real estate, Claudia has a passion for coaching and educating new agents, entrepreneurs, and those that seek her guidance.

Through discipline and dedication, Claudia continuously works on elevating her standards, knowledge and skills to best serve her community and clients.

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