Market Opportunity:

With the baby boom generation looking to retire, there will be over 12 million new businesses that will be looking to sell their companies and enjoy the fruits of their labors.

Add this to the millions of other businesses that are bought and sold annually, and the brokerage market will be one of the hottest markets of the 2020’s.

GBG works with both buyers and sellers in this industry, and our team can walk you through the process of what to expect.


We start with a consultation to determine the best course of action with all sellers.

Although we work within all industries, GBG may not be the right fit, and our goal is to direct you in the direction that can serve you best.

If there’s a mutual fit, we’ll walk you through the necessary steps for valuation, and put a plan in place to help find the right buyer for your business.

You may have a business that needs to be sold privately, or what we call a “pocket listing.” For example, you might not want your employees, or the market as a whole knowing that you’re selling.

With access to over 20 thousand names in our immediate network, we can help move your business without making your sale public knowledge.


We work with buyers that are vetted and ready to purchase.

Whether you’re a Private Equity partner, or an individual that is working through the SBA or your personal funds, our process is to understand the limits that you’re looking to work within, the geography, financials and industry of the business you’re looking to purchase, and work to check off those boxes to find you the options that will lead to your ultimate purchase.

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